April 17, 2010

She's crafty

In a world full of crazies it is nice to know there are creative folk doing their part to remind us that the world is still full of enchanting and wonderful things. And where does one find these folk? Well there is a little nook in the northwest where little bears run along side ice cream trucks, owls dress up in pastel cloaks, flower painted horses skip-to-my-lou and the square dancin' misses' wear apple green polka dotted bows in their hair. A place where you will find craftyFOLK. Thank you to Sarah Golden, the talented artist who founded the enchanting world of craftyFOLK! Without people like you, this world would be off its rocker! (And I can't wait to meet you in person at the Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco, July 31st-August 1st!)
"rah roar"- Feed the Bears Magnet
"hoot who" - Set of 12 Owl Stickers
"neigh" -  Wooden Dale Horse Brooch
"bow bow" - Green Polka Dot Wooden Bow Necklace
all handmade by craftyFOLK


wzgirl said...

bow bow + cute cute! Great feature, k!

K is for Calligraphy said...

Thank you Wendy! My hoot owls (made by you) particularly like the owl stickers! :) Happy late Saturday Evening!
xo, Katy

cigarboxbeads said...

*please ignore the above post left by 'cigarboxbeads' and marilyn goodman---*

someone is messing with me---probably a rightwinger from the rep. board on etsy---already messed with my paypal--;>( so- i'm sorry it got drug in here with your great blog.

the real marilyn/cigarboxbeads

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