April 9, 2012

She's got a ticket to write

Piggy Mail
She's got a ticket to write
 package #5

This little piggy has the finest paper ephemera in all the land!
A super assortment from the lovely and talented Dawn. Thank you Dawn!

If you know me, you know I do not like taking photos. I do not like editing photos.
And to say I like blogging is basically saying I like talking to myself.
So for me to participate in this mail exchange I knew I would be committing to doing all of these things.
I hope someone out there is enjoying these blog posts.
Interested? Click here, here and here to see what I sent!


Dawn said...

Of course, I am absolutely enjoying these posts! Thanks for sharing your packages with us!

oh, hello friend. said...

K, you are AWESOME for documenting all of this. Love your photos and even though I got similar packages, I love seeing it through your eyes. Thanks for participating and making the swap so special with your amazing packaging skills. xoxo

K is for Calligraphy said...

xoxo to you both!

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