April 17, 2009

friday fun finds :: Cats and Creatures

Not sure why these two hound cats have not been adopted yet. Come on, just look at how cute they are! Her unique Hound Cats were created from a pair of vintage wool slacks that were washed in very hot water, felted and repurposed into new life. I only have Meows and Purrs for everything Wendy of Buttercupbloom creates. And Happy Birthday to all her hootilicious Hoot Owls who are celebrating their One Year Anniversary! Hoots!
cord/accessory pouch :: by Brokesy Not sure what this adorable creature is or if I really need a cord/accessory pouch since I don't have a laptop but I do know this cool shop makes a lot of neat stuff for the gadget and tech savvy peoples. Be sure to check out Brokesy's coordinating laptop sleeve in her cleverly named computer liebe section. And she is offering free shipping on all her attack pillows!

1 comment:

wzgirl said...

Great finds, K! My Hound Cats would like to curl up here and hang out with the "friendly" attack creatures. They are very cute!! xo

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