March 27, 2009

Friday Fun Finds :: Handmade Draft Stoppers

I actually found this lovely and practical creature a couple of days ago when I was searching for fun items for my Etsy treasury. Every house should have a draft stopper/excluder. We have an old one filled with kidney beans which I took to repairing last year. It looks like a long stretched out cat of some sorts. But I assure you my cat would like this velvet worm a whole lot more. And draft stoppers can help keep your energy bills down. Gaps around doors and windows are the main causes of air leakage in most homes and a significant source of heat loss. I read somewhere the best way to detect drafts is to attach a sheet of plastic wrap/film to a hanger with clothespins. Close all doors and windows except for one on the leeward side of the house. (oh yeah, and this should be done on a windy day). Then take the hanger with the plasic wrap/film and walk it by the other doors and windows. If you see the plastic wrap fluttering around like a ghost then you probably have a draft leak. And a large velvet worm and a Stevie Nicks inspired draft stopper are the obvious solutions. Happy fun Friday to all!

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Chrystal S said...

How fun!!! :)

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