May 11, 2008

cat and mouse in the house under the couch

photo & Miss Mouse ACEO by the very talented artist SHARON FOSTER
Wednesday afternoon, May 7th, 2008: There is a mouse in my house! My kitty cat just caught a mouse and it is under our couch! As I was trying to move things around, a bird flew in the back is like the flippin' wild kingdom in my house! I managed to get the bird out...I think...and it was OK. ARGGGH I am grounding my cat for three days! LOL Later, that evening: The mouse is still under the couch and because of the bird incident earlier,my cat has now forgotten about the mouse. I am waiting for the neighbor and my mother to get home because I think I need to lift the couch up to the mouse! Can I say, "Mutual Life of Omaha"? Midnight Recap: The fun is over, for my cat anyway! What a half day ordeal it has been! But at least it gave us an excuse to vacuum everywhere! The mouse was under the couch. We saw the mouse under the couch on the first lift! Then on second lift, the mouse is gone; we guessed it ran and hid under piano! So then the cleaning began! After cleaning we were too exhausted to look for the mouse! Took a break as did our cat who may I repeat, has forgotten about the mouse because of the earlier bird incident! Around 11:30pm: our cat regained interest in the area around the couch. A tell tale sign the mouse is still under the couch. So I lifted couch again as my mom peered under for the mouse. Instead our cat decided it would extra fun to get under couch (unexplored territory) as I was lifting it! (Please note the couch is 37 years old so you can imagine how heavy it is!) So there I am, having to hold the couch up for nearly seven minutes as my mom tries to get the cat out from under the couch. Mean while, as I am holding up the couch my right hand suddenly feels the mouse, literally, near the edge but in the lining of the couch. Finally, my mom grabs the cat I drop the couch in exhaustion. Round 2 after locking cat in the other room: We decide to lean the couch on its side. So I lift the couch and start to lean it on its side and my mom is ready to pounce on the mouse but she is so tired and does not react fast enough because she sees the mouse run under the piano. So now with the couch is on its side, my mom half way asleep, I start to play the piano and very loudly foot pedals and all! No mouse. No mouse No mouse! So we put couch back, unlocked the cat, I went into complete denial and my mom went to bed. Just about an half hour after, I hear a noise downstairs! AHHHH here we go again! Downstairs I go and I see my cat and the mouse and they are staring at each other, no more than two feet away from each other near piano; NECCO (my cat) and the mouse! Mouse goes under piano then out the other side back and forth! Over and over again! Anytime I make a move to the mouse it is back under the piano. I can sense the mouse is trying to relocate to its natural environment (outside) so I grab the cat, lock in another room, open front door and hide from the mouse and low and behold the mouse makes its way to the front door (the other side of the room) and out the door it goes all on its very own! The End! (cat is still staring at the piano and she will probably be there all night) LOL After Notes: My cat did not sleep with me last night. Nope she slept on the couch all night and napped on the arm of the couch through mid morning! She is convinced the mouse is still in the house. Of course, it is only normal not to really like mice (rodents) in general but I must say after all the excitement yesterday...the mouse and then the bird and back to the mouse again I really felt bad for the little mouse plus it was a fat mouse which made me think "she" was pregnant! Poor little thing...and one thing to note is my cat does not eat what it brings in...just wants to play and be friends with "the catch". Wishing for an animal free day (with the exception of my cat) and keeping the screen door shut! this is my first real blog entry...thank you for reading!

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